Beach Party Ideas
Favors, Food, and Free Printable Labels!

Top off your great beach party ideas by sending everyone home with some great favors! We have some terrific ideas to help you out. Even the simplest favor ideas can look spectacular. It's all in the presentation! Try one of these DIY favors or check out the idea list further down.

"Beach" Signs

This beach sign is a nice favor for a beach wedding. If you have a lot to make, try a small size and attach a magnet to each one. Wrap each one in small cellophane bags and tie with some raffia.

Stuff you'll need ...

  • wooden rectangle or frame
  • two contrasting colors of acrylic paint
  • white school glue
  • paintbrushes
  • self-adhesive magnet or magnet and hot glue (optional)

What to do ...

  1. Paint one color on the wood and let it dry completely.
  2. Paint a layer of glue (thick coat for large cracks or thin coat for small cracks) and let dry for a minute or so. Don't let the glue dry completely or the top color will not crack. (It should still be tacky to touch.)
  3. Paint a contrasting color over the glue using long thick strokes.
  4. Let it dry completely. Cracking will occur during drying.
  5. Add a word or design on top.
  6. Glue the magnet to the back (optional).

Personalized Bucket Favors

Personalize buckets using water-resistant stickers. Stuff the bucket with beachy snacks, a mask and snorkel, or a cute beach towel.

Sending kids home with something they can use seems like a better idea than handing out junky toys.

Buckets and shovels may not seem unique, but you can change that by personalizing them. This bucket and spongy stickers are all from the dollar store.

Can't find stickers? Try a permanent marker or craft foam to make your own letters. If you're not big on drawing letters, try a stencil or print out names on the computer in a thick font and use those as a stencil.

Stuff buckets with beach towels or balls and tuck them inside ... easy, inexpensive, and personalized!

Personalized Starfish Notebooks

Here are some fun free printable labels (or gift tags) for you to print out. After printing, fill in names with colored markers. Print them on ...

  1. Photo paper and use double-sided tape to stick on to notebooks or journals.
  2. Regular printer paper and cut out each label. Stick face down to packing tape and cut the packing tape in the same shape as the label but leave about a 1/2" border around the label. Stick to front of notebook.
  3. Full-page labels, cut out, and stick to front of notebooks.

More Beach Party Ideas


  • noodle
  • hula hoop
  • paddle board
  • goggles
  • mask and snorkel
  • floaties (water ring, air mattress)
  • non-disposable water bottle
  • sunscreen
  • flip flops
  • sunglasses
  • sandcastle molds
  • kite
  • hat
  • frisbee
  • bubbles
  • t-shirt
  • bracelet/anklet
  • stuffie
  • frame
  • pet rock
  • sand art crafts
  • beach ball
  • beach towel
  • bucket and shovel

Goodie Bag Treats

  • cookies (make some fun shapes - starfish, fish, shell, sea animals)
  • cake balls
  • snack-sized potato chips
  • snack-sized goldfish crackers
  • gummies
  • saltwater taffee
  • candy rocks
  • personalized candy bars/Hershey's kisses
  • personalized water bottles

Fun Party Activity: Let everyone decorate their own cookies or cupcakes. Provide icing, sprinkles, plastic sea animals, and some crushed up wafers for sand.

Party Snacks

  • smoothies
  • fruit punch
  • popsicles or freezies
  • jello
  • potato chips
  • goldfish crackers (serve them in a goldfish bowl and you have a great centerpiece)
  • cookies
  • cupcakes
  • fruit (make a watermelon whale, shark, or turtle ... so fun!)

Favor Containers

  • beach pail
  • beach bag
  • goldfish bowl

Lots of these beach party ideas can be personalized. Print out candy bar wrappers with the party honoree's name and birthday on them.

Whether your party is taking place indoors or at the beach, there are some perfect favor ideas here for you. If the party is at home, try a fun activity or craft that can become the party favors ... t-shirts, frames, flip flops, jewelry (like a bracelet with a sea animal charm).

Have fun with these beach party ideas!


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