Cake Balls and Cake Pops
Yes, You Can Make Them Yourself!

Cake Balls Cake Balls

Need a delicious edible party favor? Make some cake balls! They're sooo tasty and surprisingly simple to make.

Are you new to this? That's okay ... even our first batch turned out nicely! The ice cream cone pops are a little more forgiving than the sticks. And they're super cute!

What exactly are these things anyway? And how do you make them?

In a nutshell ...
  • crumble up some cake
  • mix it with icing
  • roll it into balls
  • dip them in melted chocolate or candy melts
  • let the coating set and voila ... they're ready to eat!
    (add sticks or ice cream cones for cake pops)

What Kind of Chocolate Should I Use?

Choose a chocolate that will re-harden once it cools. Craft stores, big box stores, and baking specialty stores carry candy melts in lots of colors. We haven't used chocolate chips. I'm not sure they would harden properly (or quickly).

Wilton Candy Melts Wilton Candy Melts

This is Wilton brand. The white chocolate melts worked well, but we found some of their colors a little thick and tougher to work with.

We also tried Guittard brand and it was thinner and dripped off the balls nicely. It also comes in lots of flavors.

Try any flavor combination of cake, icing, and melts ... the possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • chocolate cake, vanilla icing, vanilla coating
  • carrot cake, cream cheese icing, vanilla coating
  • vanilla cake, vanilla icing, vanilla coating
  • red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, chocolate coating
  • vanilla cake, coconut icing, chocolate coating
  • strawberry cake, strawberry icing, vanilla coating

Shake things up a bit by giving your cake balls an extra coating (sprinkles, coconut, crushed nuts) while they're still wet. Or stir some miniature chocolate chips or white chocolate shavings right into your mixture prior to rolling out the balls.

How to Make Cake Pops

Stuff you'll need ...

  • cake (mix or homemade)
  • icing (canned or homemade)
  • melting chocolate or candy melts in various colors
  • lollipop sticks (for cake pops only)
  • toothpicks for spreading colors if decorating your pops
  • parchment or wax paper and cookie sheet to place pops into freezer/fridge
  • small cellophane bags and twist ties if using as party favors to send home
  • decorations - sprinkles, nuts, candy, chocolates

What to do ...

  1. Prepare cake according to instructions on box or recipe.

    Reduce oil and increase water by the same amount.
    Balls will be less goopy and easier to manage.

  2. Let cool.
  3. Crumble cake into small crumbs. A food processor is fast and gives you evenly sized crumbs.
  4. Stir in icing gradually. A little goes a long way. Add enough so you can roll the cake into balls but not so much that it becomes really sloppy. If your cake is very moist, you won't need much icing at all.
  5. Roll mixture into balls and place them on to a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper.

    Cake Balls

  6. Insert lollipop sticks into each ball (optional) and then chill for a few hours. Or put them in the freezer to chill them more quickly.
  7. Melt your chocolate according to the package instructions. I used the microwave, stopping and stirring at 10 to 20 second intervals.

    Cake Balls Cake Balls

  8. Dip each ball into chocolate and place on cookie sheet. This will create a "flat-topped" cake pop. If you'd like the pops to stay round(ish), poke the sticks into some styrofoam. I wrapped a block in some pretty wrapping paper and then poked the sticks in. If you're not using lollipop sticks, try using a fork or spoon.

    Cake Balls

  9. Allow the chocolate to set.

    Cake Balls

  10. Decorate using other colors of melts or edible markers.
  11. When the cake balls are completely dry, cover them with small cellophane bags closed with pretty ribbons. This is a good idea if you are handing them out at the end of your party.

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

These cute little ice cream cone pops are awesome! They look kind of advanced but they are so easy to make! I found the cones easier to work with than the sticks.

Cake Balls Cake Balls Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Dip the bottom of a cake ball into the melts and place on to the cone. When it's dry, dip the "scoop" into the melts and add sprinkles to the top. We added candied chocolate balls to the tops for "cherries".

You can also drip some dark chocolate melts to the top of the cone for chocolate sauce.

They are a fun, sweet treat as is. But, if you're feeling artistic, they can be decorated a million different ways. Use different colors, patterns, edible markers, assorted colors of melts. You can even create characters to match your party's theme. Have fun with these!

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