Super Spooky Cheesecloth Ghosts

What are cheesecloth ghosts? They are fabulously creepy ghosts made out of cheesecloth! If you're looking for ghost crafts, these guys are definitely worth making. The process is super simple and they'll haunt up your place but good!

The most time-consuming part is making a frame to drape your cheesecloth over. But it's still a fairly simple process.

Once the frame is made, you can use it over and over. Make some different-sized ghosts. The small ones are great to hand out as Halloween party favors.

Decorate your tables, hang some from the ceiling or even outside in the trees. The thin cheesecloth gives an eerie look. Draw on spooky or cute faces.

Here are the instructions for these awesome cheesecloth ghosts.

Stuff you'll need ...

  • cheesecloth
  • spray starch
  • scissors
  • tape
  • bendable wire (a large bobby pin works for a small ghost)
  • bottle or paper towel roll for body of mold
  • a box or flat surface to stabilize the mold
  • small balloon
  • black paint (fabric or acrylic) or marker

What to do ...

Note ...

I recommend doing this outside. It is quite messy and it's best to have full ventilation while spraying the starch.

  1. For a small ghost, cut the roll in half and fold it long ways. For a larger ghost, use the roll as is.
  2. Cut three or four slits in the bottom and bend them outwards to tape them to the box. Add lots of tape so it stays sturdy with the weight of the cheesecloth and starch.
  3. Bend the wire into spooky arm shapes and tape it to the roll.
  4. Bunch some tape around the ends of the wires so the "hands" don't look sharp once dry.
  5. Blow up a balloon just slightly. (I used a water balloon.)
  6. Tape the balloon to the top of the roll.
  7. Drape a layer of cheesecloth over the whole thing making sure there aren't any major wrinkles on the head part. For small ghosts, cut the cheesecloth into small pieces. The cheesecloth doesn't need to be tidy at the bottom.
  8. Saturate the cheesecloth with spray starch. Let dry.
  9. Layer another strip of cheesecloth over top and spray again. Let each layer dry before adding a new layer.
  10. Continue until your ghost looks how you want.
  11. Allow to dry completely.
  12. Remove from the mold. If you have trouble removing your ghost from the balloon, simply poke a pinhole in the balloon and allow it to deflate.
  13. Paint or draw on a face.


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