Easy Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin

Peanut Butter

Coooooooooookies! So many easy cookie recipes, so little time! Do you love them like we do? We make them all the time around here. You'd think that would mean the cookie jar would be full. Nope! A batch barely lasts the night around here.

Some of these recipes require a little more preparation (fridge time, rolling out, cutting) than others. They are still easy cookie recipes to follow based on ingredients and baking times.

Alter any recipe slightly to create new tastes! Add chocolate chips to peanut butter. Dip sugar cookies in melting chocolate. Add some cocoa to our basic chewy chocolate chip recipe to create delicious double chocolate cookies.

Want some great party favors? Put them in some cellophane bags with a "thank you for coming" hang tag. You could also include the recipe on the bag.

How about making cookies into a party activity? Bake up a bunch of sugar or gingerbread cookies in various shapes. Supply bowls of different colored icing, sprinkles, colored sugar, mini chocolate chips, Smarties, and other small candies. You can also create simple icing writers by putting icing into a Ziploc bag and snipping a very tiny piece off one corner.

A really cool idea is to include a cookie table at your event. Supply some containers, like takeout boxes or small tins. Fill the table with a variety of different flavors. Guests can fill their boxes with their favorites. Buy a bunch of types from your favorite bakery, bake them yourself, or enlist friends and family to help out with their best recipes. Create labels for each plate stating the type of cookie (and ingredients if you wish). How fun!

Is there anything better?! I think Cookie Monster knows what he's talking about.


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