An Easy Cupcake Recipe ... or two!

Need an easy cupcake recipe? ChocolateVanilla? Something else? Here it is! These easy cupcakes are quick and delicious.



All of our recipes are vegan (or have the vegan alternative listed). Not vegan? Don't worry! You won't be missing out on any flavor ... there is a ton of deliciousness here!

And they have all passed our finicky taste tests!

Cupcakes are perfect as party snacks or even party favors. Add a touch of color to the icing and stick in some decorative picks ... voila! If you want to get even more fancy, print out some wrappers too.

There's really nothing quite like these bits of deliciousness. Make miniature ones in lots of flavors, and then mix and match the icing. They taste so good and make a table look so festive.

Of course, cupcakes are always better when you add some yummy icing. Try using blended berries to color your icing. The added flavor is a great treat!

Chocolate with raspberry icing is soooo delicious. Not so into chocolate? Try vanilla with strawberry icing. A small amount of berries goes a long way. The flavor is fabulous and they turn a really pretty pink. Of course you could also try blueberries, blackberries or even another fruit like peaches. And a couple of squeezes of a lemon into vanilla icing is divine!

We have tried all the recipes listed above. They are really tasty! And when you bake them yourself, you can feel good knowing you're not handing out a pile of chemicals.

If you want to print out your easy cupcake recipe, click on the "Print This Recipe" button on each page.

Supply your guests with takeout containers for their cupcake favors. Send home a handful of them for mom and dad and other siblings too. Because, really, who wouldn't love one?