Fun Favor Containers

Let's get creative with your favor containers! Add some life to your party favor bags and party favor boxes. Or how about not using a bag or box at all?

Start with your party theme for inspiration. For example ... having a firefighter-themed party? Hand out some goodies in fire hats. Or along the same lines, use a baseball cap for a baseball- or sports-themed party. Small purses are great for holding party favors for a Hollywood-themed party. You get the idea. Why not try one of these?

  • mug
  • large plastic drink cup
  • basket
  • beach bucket
  • beach hat
  • mixing bowl (good for wedding shower favors)
  • treasure chest
  • slippers
  • lunchkit
  • backpack
  • pencil case

Still rather use bags or boxes? Try making them unique ... how about adding personalized hang tags? Or try a stick-on bag label. Spruce up some plain cellophane bags (or even brown lunch bags) with some fabulous ribbon. If you can find ribbon printed with your party theme, even better!

If you're handy with a sewing machine, try whipping up some drawstring bags. Not too interested in sewing? Decorate the front of a reusable shopping bag ... create a felt or fabric character to glue on over the logo.

Want to make your own boxes? Here is a cube box template. All you need is some heavy cardstock (or poster paper) and some quick-drying glue. If you'd like a bigger or smaller box, use this template as a guideline and just increase or decrease the length of the sides. As long as each side (or square) is kept the same length as the others, this will work.

How about a pillow box? These are also really simple to make. Make them as big or as small as you need. And choices of paper are endless. If you can't find some paper you like, choose a color of cardstock and add stickers to match your theme.

With a little imagination, party favors can be a really fun reminder of your fabulous party!

Ideas for the Season