Homemade Party Favors Galore

No more plastic pieces of junk! Homemade party favors are the way to go! It's a great feeling to give out something you added your personal touch to. If you're really crafty, go nuts! If you're not so crafty, there are tons of ways to personalize things to give them a homemade feel.

Homemade favors don't always need to be made from scratch. Adding your personal touch to something already made is still special. Whether your specialty is baking, sewing, painting, or general craftiness, we have homemade favor ideas for you!

Even if you don't consider yourself "crafty" but would like to create some treasures, there are lots of ways to do this. Stickers or printables are a great start. Scroll through this list for inspiration ...

Love to bake?

Love to sew?
  • fabric goodie bags
  • small stuffies
  • pencil cases
Love to paint?
  • treasure chests
  • doorknob hangers
Love beads and bling? Love to stencil or do free-hand lettering?
  • notebooks
  • pens/pencils
  • really, almost anything can be personalized this way
Love glue and stickers and other fun stuff? Want to personalize your treats?
  • water bottles
  • candy bar wrappers
  • goodie bags
How about printables?

For personalized kids' party favors, adding guests' names to a store-bought item is sure to be a hit. Use permanent markers, stickers, fabric paint and glitter, regular paint, or stencils. Kids who have unique names don't often have things with their names on them so this is a treat!

Ideas for the Season