How to Make Anklets

Make your feet even more beautiful when you learn how to make anklets. These are so simple, you can make a bunch in no time at all. Choose one of our styles below. Before you know it, you'll be wearing your new creation!

Why not make some up as favors for a summer party or a pedicure party? Pretty feet don't stop at colorful toenails! Add some extra bling to those puppies!

chain anklet

seed-bead anklet

Chain Anklet

Stuff you'll need ...

  • Jewelry chain
  • Jump ring(s) to attach clasp to chain
  • Clasp
  • Small beads
  • Headpin
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers

What to do ...

  • Measure out a length of chain, either against an anklet you already have or directly on your ankle. Remember to leave some "breathing" room. Also remember the clasp will add a little bit of length.
  • Attach clasp to chain using jump rings if necessary. Open jump ring and slip through the end of the chain and the clasp. Close jump ring. (This particular clasp had a loop that could be opened and attached directly to the chain. Other varieties of clasps have closed loops and will need the extra jump ring.)

  • To create a hanging bead, feed your beads on to a headpin.

  • Using the flat-nose pliers, bend the headpin 90° directly above the top bead.

  • Using the round-nose pliers, wrap the headpin back around the pliers to create a loop.

  • Trim off the excess headpin with your cutters (if there is any).
  • Open the loop and hook through the middle of the chain. Then close the loop again.

  • Wear and enjoy!

Seed-Bead Anklet

Stuff you'll need ...

  • Stretchy cord
  • Seed beads (these are the tiny beads that come in a million colors)
  • larger glass or crystal bead
  • Strong glue
  • Scissors

What to do ...

  • Measure out a length of cord that will fit your ankle. I don't usually cut the cord until I have fed the beads on to a length I am happy with.
  • Feed your beads on to cord. Add the special bead as the last bead so you can cover the knot with it.
  • Tie a very tight double knot. You will need to stretch the cord slightly so there are no gaps between your beads.
  • Apply glue to the knot, slide the bigger bead over the knot and let dry completely before wearing.

Once you have learned how to make anklets, why not get started making some other types of jewelry too?


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