Make Your Own T-Shirt Party Favors

Stuck for a party favor idea? Why not make your own t-shirts? Or have each guest design a t-shirt of his or her own. There are a lot of different ways to decorate shirts ...

  1. Iron on designs that you print out.
  2. Iron on design outlines for guests to paint. Search online for an image, or, if you're feeling creative, scan your own drawing.
  3. Let the kids paint their own designs.
  4. Use permanent markers to sign or write messages on each others' shirts.
  5. Hot fix some rhinestones for a beautiful bling shirt.
  6. Tie-dye.

You could follow a theme or let the party guests create whatever they want. If you are supplying the shirts, just get them all in one size. There's no point in trying to guess everyone's sizes.

Don't have the space for all this painting/crafting? You can still print or design your own t-shirts to hand out.

Whether you make your own t-shirts or let the kids have at it, everyone will have a fun keepsake to remember your fabulous party.

Supplies you may need ...

  • T-shirts
  • Iron-on transfers (office supply or big box stores carry these); choose for light-colored or dark-colored shirts.
  • An iron and a hard surface to iron on
  • Permanent markers (Sharpies come in tons of colors)
  • Fabric paints/brushes - dimensional (or puffy) fabric paint dries slightly raised and is good for outlining or words
  • Glitter/rhinestones
  • Hot-fix tool

What to do ...

  1. For iron-on transfers, choose or create your graphic. Print it out, following the manufacturer's instructions that come with the transfers.
  2. Fabric paints are fairly self-explanatory. Just be sure to follow instructions about drying time and washing.
  3. Craft stores have tie-dying kits. Check online for instructions if you don't want to use a kit.
  4. Rhinestones come in singles or pre-shaped designs. They can be ironed on or applied with a hot-fix tool.
  5. Outdoors is the best place to set up any of the painting activities. If you have a clothesline, awesome! Otherwise, just be sure to cover any surfaces you don't want permanently altered.


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