Pretty Little Party Favor Boxes

Party favor boxes are a cute alternative to giving out party favor bags. Dollar stores almost always have boxes in various sizes and patterns. Craft stores are another great place to find boxes.

Cube-Shaped Box

Party Favor Boxes Cube-Shaped Box

Or you can make them yourself! Get some card stock or poster paper and use this template. You can print directly on the back side of your chosen paper or print, cut out, and trace around it instead. If you'd like a different size than this template offers, use it as a guideline. Just be sure to keep all sides (or squares) the same size as each other.

Not big on solid color? Add some stickers, draw a design with markers, or glue on some gems. If you like the simple look, close the lid with a giant gem, flower, or ribbon.

Pillow Box

Pillow Boxes Pillow Box

Want something a little different than your basic rectangle? How about some pillow boxes? These are adorable for favors.

Why not make your own? Use cardstock, glue, scissors, and a CD or plate to mark off the rounded ends. (Some instructions suggest using a toilet paper roll to make these. I think I would pass on eating candy out of an item that sat beside the toilet, but maybe that's just me ... ?) Besides, card stock comes in so many pretty colors and patterns.

"Out-of-the-Box" Boxes

Take-out-shaped containers make cute favor packaging too. You can buy these at craft stores like Michaels. They are especially handy for edible goodies.

Looking to be more "green" with your party favor boxes? Try using cardboard from cereal or cracker boxes to make the pillow boxes mentioned above. Flatten the boxes and glue on some pretty paper before folding them.

Cylindrical cocoa containers with plastic lids are also great for holding favors. Paint or wrap the can in wrapping or scrapbook paper and add glitter or stickers. Wow! There really are a lot of fun-shaped containers in the kitchen! Anything not made of glass is a great idea for kids' parties.

Have fun creating!

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