Printable Party Favors

Printable party favors add pizzazz to your party! Choose printables that tie in with your theme. You can even personalize some with your guests' names. How cool is it to receive something with your name on it? Especially if you can't find your name on anything in the stores.

Printables are anything from coloring pages you find on line to graphics you create, print out and iron on to t-shirts. The sky is the limit here.

How about printing out bookmarks for everyone and giving out gift cards from a bookstore? Check out our free printable bookmarks. You could even print out matching cards to tuck the gift cards into.

Water bottle labels with your party information ("Thanks for coming to Brenda's 5th Birthday!") on them are a fun touch too. (Or beer/wine labels - depending on your party.) Simply print, cut, and seal with wide packing tape. They might not be completely waterproof, but they should be smudge free.

Candy bar wrappers are tons of fun! Use them on chocolate bars that are double wrapped (foil and paper wrappers). Remove a paper wrapper from one bar to get the measurements. Make your graphic the same size. Print them, cut them out, and wrap them around the bars. Use double-sided tape to close them up. I like to leave the existing wrappers on the bars underneath. These can also be personalized with party information or each guest's name.

Bookmarks look great if laminated, but it isn't completely necessary. If you don't have a laminator, use the thickest paper your printer will take. Photo paper or heavy cardstock will do. Another option is to print on regular paper and glue them on to thin cardboard or fun foam.

Check back often for new designs, and ... have fun!


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