No-Bake Snowman Snacks

Try out these yummy snowman snacks for your snow-themed party.
Or make them on your next snow day!

Snowman Cookies on a Stick

Stuff you'll need ...

  • sandwich cookies
  • lollipop sticks
  • cellophane baggies and ribbon (optional)
  • candy melts - white for coating, orange to make noses
  • decorations - dried fruit, chocolate chips, Smarties, or candy sprinkles
  • The noses in the picture are made from real carrots. Note: Do not use real carrots. (They get soggy, then fall out or shrivel.)

  • waxed or parchment paper or a stand* to poke lollipop sticks into for drying
* We use a covered styrofoam block.

What to do ...

  1. Open cookies and press a lollipop stick firmly into the icing of each one to make an indent and then remove it.

  2. Melt candy melts according to package instructions. (Stir them often to avoid burning.)

  3. Dip ends of sticks into melted candy, and press them firmly into the icing.

  4. Close the cookie, again pressing firmly.

  5. Dip each cookie into the melts, fully covering it. This part proved to be a little tricky because the Oreo cakesters we used were quite large and soft. Wilton candy melts are quite thick so we used a spoon to spread them.

  6. Poke into stand or place face-side up (whichever side looks smoother) on parchment. Some cookies I held on to horizontally until they dried slightly. The weight of the cookies mixed with the heat and icing made them slide down the sticks if they weren't dry.

    Ours are a little lumpy because the Wilton melts were quite thick ... oh well, snowmen aren't always perfectly smooth anyway.

  7. Allow to dry just slightly and then add decorations ... use fruit roll-ups, Smarties, mini chocolate chips for eyes, noses and mouths. This part is a bit of trial and error. If coating is too wet, decorations may droop and fall off, too dry, nothing sticks.

  8. Dry completely and then ... eat! (Or place into cellophane bags and add a ribbon if these are for party favors.)

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